KlickGame Launches Beta eDragon Close


KlickGame Launches Beta eDragon Close
Perhaps the daily Klikers ever heard the phrase: "What is the meaning of a name." But, sometimes a letter can differentiate them. For example, read the title of this article. Is it true or KlikGame KlickGame title? (Wow, lest the editor until a typo KlikGame sleepy nih .... ^_^). In fact they are different you know ^ _ ^Yes, KlickGame is a publisher who has just released titled eDragon mmorpg browser game, which has entered the Open Bate today. Web-based games (which do not need to download) is designed playcomet.com studio in China. The theme is still around the world of legends and fairy tales typical medieval times (such as LOTR movie). Once Earth is hit by turmoil by evil forces troops Dark Legions is rampant and the player will play the protagonist role as savior. KlickGame Launches Beta eDragon Close
First, you will choose the character of the 3 races that are available - Elf, Human, or Barbarian (race as a mainstream RPG) to start the adventure in the Birth City. Indeed, growth in terms of how characters are not too many changes ranging from beginner level to the end, but this game offers a variety of complex scenarios with spices intrigues which are intertwined, so it fills the main elements of RPG, which is addictive! Live quests, creatures and mnster hunt for leveling up together to form guilds.

Graphically eDragon also fairly reasonable. Display environment such as building the Palace, residence, warehouse, Arena, Blacksmith, Weapons & Armors, Store and Tavern tilled in detail (and realistic color composition course).Interface to the game simple and easy to use (quite good for the size of web-based). Player by simply dragging items to the drop of available extra bag in the bottom panel, and equipment are distinguished according to levels based on colors: White (basic equipment), Green (attribute bonus), Blue (bonus items) Purple (extra items), and Red ( unique gear). To complete the equipment, the player can go to the Greedy Shop. We can also follow the gambling mini-games to get certain items, but risk being kicked out of the store .. ^ _ ^.

Battle FeaturesPlayer can undergo in pvp duel in the arena, which could be an alternative to improve the status in addition to completing a quest-a quest that exist.It is a bit disturbing that the fighting is done by turn-based system. To Each battle will take time 8-10 minutes. Quite long too, so suitable for those who have plenty of spare time to undergo a duel every 10 minutes.
Conclusion: In terms of gameplay, graphics (and sound), games eDragon quite promising with the advantages: No download (no need to download or install) + Casual + Graphics + Gameplay and dynamic background and varied mechanisms.Well, if Klikers interested, can directly visit the site and follow its development in eDragon KlickGame forum. If you've tried


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