Koram Games Announces New MMORTS, Indomitus

Koram Games Announces New MMORTS, Indomitus Something new from Koram Games! His name Indomitus, a free-to-play MMORTS browser based with emphasis on features massive battles, city building, and heroic leadership. It has been confirmed that Indomitus will enter a period of Beta on June 13, 2011. Koram Games Guild System promises a unique and offer more features combat when compared with other similar games on the market today.  Koram Games Announces New MMORTS, Indomitus
With a background atmosphere in the days of ancient Europe, Indomitus allows you to remove the wild temperament that had been buried and others traveling to the mainland in order to control other areas. Saturated in-game browser game that continues the same theme constantly now anticipated by Indomitus by providing a balance between town management and combat massive army. Plus some other interesting surprises in order to refine them. Koram Games Announces New MMORTS, Indomitus
While most of the game MMORTS put yourself behind the sturdy town or fortress, then Indomitus take you directly to the actual nuances of style RPGs in general. In fact, Indomitus also have more combat mode rather than browser-based strategy game others, such as Real-time City Siege, Historical Battles, Bandits Raid, PvP, Guild Battle, and there's more loh ..

There are 9 allegiance as an option where you serve. Together with other members, you travel across the entire territory of Europe. Another uniqueness in Indomitus is that you are given the opportunity to surrender, as well as the option to keep playing despite having suffered the defeat. So you no longer need to keep restarting the game every time I lose.


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