Simulation Game Released Big Point Airport

Simulation Game Released Big Point Airport
After receiving an injection of funding from Summit Partners and TA Associates, Bigpoint game developer based in Germany launched a number of MMO game titles. After successfully introducing Zoomumba, consecutive serial BigPoint released game 'Rama' start from Farmerama, Ramacity, Ponyrama and Aquarama. Klikers can surely guess the type of game from the title. Yes, it seems indeed sound similar to a franchise-like game "ville" (Farmville, Cityville) from Zynga. Simulation Game Released Big Point Airport
Well, in the event E3, BigPoint SkyRama launched the latest browser game, a simulation game with a good airport theme for the children and those who love the world of aviation (flight). MMO browser game invites players to know the flight management at airports, in cooperation with other players to set the aircraft and destination.
"We are directly interested in the concept game developed airport Sproing Studio creative team and hopes to lure those who enjoy the activities at the airport / airport," said Tobias Berger, Chief Officer Bigpoint Games. "Today we officially announce SkyRama as the latest edition of the game series 'Rama' and has entered the Beta,"said Tobias. Simulation Game Released Big Point Airport
SkyRama fairly simple, with easy to use interface. Players act as the manager of the airport, through daily tasks, select properties, items and activities in the building. If Klikers curious, can try, but do not expect too much because it's just a mini game.


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